Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. Three pillars: profits, planet and people.


Not excluding any of the groups involved in economic, environmental and social development.


Whilst growth is crucial for businesses, sustainability should not constitute a barrier. As a result, this opens doors for new opportunities to thrive.


A collaborative business exercise for the betterment of the nation as a whole.


Join the SigneNatir business community!

What can your business do?

Business Mauritius has identified 5 key areas as priority for the development of a sustainable and inclusive Mauritius. The 5 key areas have been translated into commitments for better adherence by the business community. These commitments have been proposed since they are pertinent to any type of business – from SMEs to large corporates across various sectors (cross-cutting).


A guideline for each of the 5 key areas has been drafted by Business Mauritius to help understanding as well as future implementation by each and every actor of the economy. The objective of this guideline is to help businesses be more engaged by putting environmental considerations at the heart of every decision.

The guidelines propose 30 business actions (each commitment contains 6 business actions that companies can commit to undertake). Companies can choose from the list, a certain number of business actions which they are willing to undertake – it is not mandatory for a company to adhere to all 30 business actions.


To demonstrate the impact of actions, a number of indicators have also been proposed to facilitate impact assessment and consolidation.


The guidelines can now be viewed in the next section.

Our SigneNaters


  • We commit to shift to a low-carbon economy to consolidate resilient development
  • We commit to engage in sustainable consumption and production, including a local agricultural value chain, through producer/importer and consumer responsibility to valorise and optimize resources and by-products
  • We commit to protect our biodiversity and natural heritage through mindful development and adapting to climate change collaboratively
  • We commit to make our island safe, pleasant, and valorise cultural and historical heritage for the well-being of communities
  • We commit to adopt inclusive development practices

Click on each of the signs below to access Business Guidelines.

How can your business benefit from it?

SELF-EVALUATION (voluntary basis)

Companies will be able to choose relevant business actions easily and consult baseline data (free of charge) on Business Mauritius’ digital platform.


Business Mauritius team will provide technical assistance and information to assist your company.  The public-private dialogue will also help concerning business actions to address systemic issues.


Companies will benefit from training sessions and events organised by Business Mauritius.


All companies’ actions will be communicated on Business Mauritius’ digital platforms. A toolkit for internal/external practices will also be provided.


Business Mauritius will initiate collaboration with international partners, certification and labelling.