About SigneNatir

Who we are

SigneNatir is a community initiative led by Business Mauritius to make our island more respectful of people and environment.


Are you ready to?

  • Position your company as an environmentally responsible player in the country?
  • Enhance your economic performance by reducing your risks and optimizing opportunities?
  • Work hand in hand with nature and people to achieve a sustainable and inclusive future for Mauritius?
  • Have your name written among those who will be creating a brighter future for the present and future generations?


  • We believe that a company cannot be considered solely as an economic partner anymore. Profit cannot be the only driving force for businesses anymore.
  • Businesses need to define their purpose and values in order to achieve a positive impact in the Mauritian society.
  • The “SIGNE” sent by nature and our own citizens for the urge to change is all around us, let’s do something about it!


To ensure that the business community adheres to some or all commitments listed below:

  • Shift to a low-carbon economy to consolidate resilient development.
  • Engage in sustainable consumption and production, including a local agricultural value chain, through producer/importer and consumer responsibility to valorise and optimize resources and by-products.
  • Protect our biodiversity and natural heritage through mindful development and adapting to climate change collaboratively.
  • Make our island safe and valorise cultural and historical heritage for the well-being of communities.
  • Adopt Inclusive Development Practices.